Arts, Culture and Heritage endevours to:

  • Enrich, transform, promote and communicate the cultural voices of the University;
  • Promote Art, Projects, programmes which reflect the cultural ethos and transformational agenda of South Africa;
  • Contribute to the development and restructuring of social cohesion within our metro, province and country through the Arts;
  • Promote broad social, economic link with relevant stakeholders in the community;
  • Deliver this service to the Universityt's publics professionally and with integrity

The Arts, Culture & Heritage Unit is involved in the broader Arts and cultural communities in the Nelson Mandela Metro and beyond. Our projects, events and programmes aim to address the need for a vibrant stimulating ‘cultural space’ where interactions between students and the community are able to play itself out in an environment that is relatively safe, yet challenging enough, to contribute to the transformative changes required at the University.

We represent the Univeristy's community involvement in the Arts and its development within this sector.

Lastly we strive to provide learning and developmental opportunities for our students by integrating our activities and programmes into the broader learning and living objectives of the University. Our events have ensured student engagement in learning outside of the lecture room and encouraged the social integration of our students.

Contact information
Mrs Michelle Du Preez
Mrs Michelle Du Preez
Position: Cultural Co-Ordinator
Department: Communication & Marketing
Location: South Campus
Phone: +27 41 504 2508
Fax: +27 41 504 2505

Nicki-Ann Rayepen
Miss Nicki-Ann Rayepen
Position: Project Coordinater
Department: Communication & Marketing
Room: 107
Location: South Campus
Phone: 041 504 2793
Qualifications: Dance, Drama, BA English and French
Expertise: Arts and Languages
Responsibilities: Project Coordination

Lubabalo Matiwane
Mr Lubabalo Matiwane
Position: Cultural Officer
Department: Communication & Marketing
Room: 105
Location: South Campus
Phone: 041 504 4551
Fax: 041 504 2505
Qualifications: BA Honors Corporate Communication,Bachelor of Technology Public Relations Management &Ndip Public Relations Management
Responsibilities: Assist societies with projects and facilitate progress& coordinate events