Working together with various project teams to ensure that the University lives up to its vision, mission, values and purpose statement, and where applicable, determine interventions to bridge the gap between the present reality and the aspired future.

Brand management amongst others, entail getting staff excited and committed to the new University brand through internal communication, training and research. Students also need to buy into the new brand and can give input into campaigns and/or messaging through involvement in focus groups.

The University mother-brand is made up of various sub-brands (faculties, departments and bodies). Whilst it is vital that all internal stakeholders buy into the new and unified brand, each sub-brand has a part to play.

Clearly defined corporate identity specifications have been set, which are contained in a comprehensive manual and staff are also able to download templates from the institutional identity intranet site. Does your official University brochure, flyer, poster etc. adhere to institutional identity standards?

Contact Information
Ms Vuyo Bongela
Ms Vuyo Bongela
Position: Brand Manager
Department: Communication & Marketing
Location: North Campus
Phone: 27 41 504 3343