The stakeholder and communication team’s purpose is to support the achievement of University’s vision and mission through effective communication. We plan and implement communication strategies aimed at building understanding and support for the University amongst key internal and external publics. We achieve our goals through:

  • stakeholder communication
  • internal communication with staff and students via various channels,
  • events
  • a range of publications targeted at various audiences,
  • advertising,
  • special projects, campaigns, events, and other relationship-building opportunities.

We provide specialist communication support to all departments of the university to assist them in communicating effectively and consistently, and projecting a professional image of the University in line with our brand positioning.

This office is responsible for the management aspects of external communication and public relations, particularly the building of awareness amongst external target publics through publications, events newsletters and relationship-building.

Contact Information
Mrs Debbie Derry
Mrs Debbie Derry
Position: Deputy Director: Communication
Department: Communication & Marketing
Location: North Campus
Phone: 041 504 3057
Fax: 041 504 9057
Qualifications: MA Media Studies
Expertise: Media Liaison and Publications