Administrative Year

The time period that Nelson Mandela University is fully operational. This includes academic holidays, but excludes all weekends, public and Nelson Mandela University holidays, as well as the University shutdown period during December and January.

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Description / Purpose

This section arranges for performances by the renowned Nelson Mandela University Choir.


Standard features

  • Choir and musical performances for selected University events 
  • Musical direction and production for live or digital events 



Roles & responsibilities


 Provide the services of the choir at required event


 Provide information about the event at least two weeks before the time.


How to request



Contact person

Ryan Pillay


Service level agreement

Hours of operation:

08:00 – 16:30 during the Administrative Year.

Response time:
Dependent on availbaliblty of choir members etc.



Dependant on the occasion and requirements. Please note that to adequately capture the Choir's audio for a livestreamed event, thre to four condenser mics on stands are required which will result in additional costs.


Policies and guidelines